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Patient Information

Day Of Procedure Info

Knowing what to expect when you come to hospital can help you and your loved ones feel more comfortable.

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Please ensure your information is accurate to avoid any issues at the time of your admission. Should you require any assistance please contact our reception team.


Day of Procedure

What to do on the day of your procedure

At every stage of your treatment, we’ll make sure you fully understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what will happen next.

Far North Day Hospital is committed to providing the highest standard of personalised care for our patients, and are at the forefront of the latest medical technology. Our entire team is focused on improving your health and supporting you. If you have any questions on the day of your procedure, please ask one of our staff who will be happy to assist you.

Preparing for admission

  • Follow fasting instructions from your doctor.
  • Take any usual medications with a sip of water (unless otherwise instructed by your doctor).
  • Do not wear make-up, nail polish or perfume.
  • Please do not bring jewellery, valuables or excess cash to hospital. We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal property.

What to bring

  • Any medications (in its original packaging).
  • Health Fund, Pension, Medicare cards.
  • Relevant x-rays and/or test results.
  • Any aides such as: walking stick, glasses or hearing aides. You may not be allowed to wear contact lenses during surgery, so remember to bring your lens case for safe storage.
  • Method for settling your account (credit card or cash)
  • Certified copies of Advanced Health Directive or Enduring Power of Attorney (if applicable).
  • For a child – favourite toy, any special dietary needs (if applicable).

When you arrive

On arrival to Far North Day Hospital, please see our friendly reception staff on level 4 for admission. At this point we will settle any final paperwork or accounts and answer any questions you may have.

Before surgery

Before your surgery, the admitting nurse will take you to the pre-operative area and you will be given an identification band to wear. Throughout your stay, our staff will continue to reconfirm your identification before each procedure and treatment to make certain our arrangements are correct. At this point, if you have any questions about your procedure, please ask the admitting nurse, who will ask your surgeon to speak with you before commencing your procedure.


If you have not already done so, you will meet your anaesthetist before your operation who will review your chart information, examine you and explain the anaesthetic process. Once you are taken to the operating theatre your anaesthetist will put you to sleep for your procedure.

Recovery Area

After your procedure, when you have become stable and alert, you will be taken through to the recovery area. The recovery nurses will continue to care for you here and will offer you something to eat and drink. You will be offered a satisfaction survey if you would like to complete one. This helps us to continue to improve our patient care.


At the time of your discharge, your nurse will provide you with written and verbal discharge instructions for your follow up care and post-operative appointment. Your nurse will contact your escort to collect you from the hospital.

Important information

Please carefully read the below information relating to anaesthetics and sedation.

  • After a general anaesthetic, for your safety, you must have an escort to accompany you home and a responsible adult must stay with you overnight. If these cannot be organised, please contact the day hospital at least two days prior to your admission to discuss your discharge plan with one of our Registered Nurses.

Please note:

  • You will not be able to operate a vehicle 24 hours after your have had general anaesthetic or sedation.
  • Ensure you have a responsible adult with you after your surgery to assist in transporting you home and stay with you over the next 24–48-hour period.
  • You will not be able to consume any alcohol after your surgery
  • You will not be able to operate machinery or make any important legal decisions 24-hours after your surgery.

If you are feeling unwell prior to or on the day of your surgery please ensure you contact your referring doctor and the admissions team at Far North Day Hospital.

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